The Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo is proud to present its new astronomical facility:

The Hoku Ke‘a Observatory!

UH Hilo Hoku Ke‘a Educational Observatory

Project  Status

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Welcome to the Hoku Ke‘a Observatory web site! Currently in development, Hoku Ke‘a is aimed at providing educational opportunities in astronomy for students all across the State of Hawai‘i. The core of the observatory is a state-of-the-art PlaneWave CDK700 0.7-meter telescope system operated either on-site, remotely or robotically. Research and educational projects will be undertaken with Hoku Ke‘a and our group is also closely working with local communities to enable future exciting opportunities for keikis. Hoku Ke‘a should become operational in 2017 and promises to push astronomy education forward in Hawai‘i. Stay tuned!